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  • Vegan

    Made with no animal material. 100% cruelty-free towards animals.
    Shop Vegan Brands
  • Eco-Conscious

    Made with minimal or no harm to the environment or the ecosystem.
    Shop Eco-Conscious Brands
  • Artisan Craft

    Handcraft with technical or ancestral skills adds value and quality to your products.
    Shop Artisan Craft Brands
  • Upcycled

    Converting discarded material to create a product of higher quality reduces waste.
    Shop Upcycled Brands
  • Recycled

    Recovering a product that has been used to make it into a new version of the same product.
    Shop Recycled Brands
  • Zero Waste

    Produced without generating textile waste.
    Shop Zero Waste Brands
  • Natural

    Made with 95% natural materials. Natural fibres such as silk, wool, linen, bamboo or fruit fibres last longer and hold up better.
    Shop Natural Brands
  • Organic

    Made with fabrics raised without the use of harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms.
    Shop Organic Brands
  • Fair Trade

    Made by workers who are justly compensated, are of working age and have safe work conditions.
    Shop Fair Trade Brands
  • Empowerment

    Increasing the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and communities allows them to gain back independence.
    Shop Empowerment Brands
  • Local

    Supporting local entrepreneurs reduces your carbon footprint.
    Shop Local Brands
  • Gender Equality

    Made with equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender.
    Shop Gender Equality Brands
  • Professional Insertion

    Employing and training individuals with a vulnerable socio-economic background enables them to lift themselves out of poverty and find a long-term job.
    Shop Professional Insertion Brands

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