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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. The Terms and Conditions stated below apply between the User (“you”, “your”) and VEPSI (“we”/ “us”/ “VEPSI”), in connection with the provision of the Service to you by us. It is important that you read and understand these Terms and Conditions before agreeing to them. We are entitled to amend the Conditions, from time to time and we will make updated versions available on the VEPSI. The User acknowledges that it is your responsibility to check the VEPSI on a regular basis to keep yourself aware and notified of any changes made.

You agree that VEPSI is a venue and as such is not responsible or liable for any content, for example, data, text, information, usernames, graphics, images, photographs, profiles, audio, video, items, and links posted by you, other users, or outside parties on VEPSI. You use the VEPSI service at your own risk.


In these T&Cs, the terms and expressions identified by a capital letter have the meanings indicated below, whether used in the singular or plural.

Account: refers to the protected personal space created by a User on the Site, allowing him/her to access the Specific Services;

Content: refers to the information and data, texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, images, videos, messages and all other elements published on the Site;

Personal Data: refers to the personal information that a User has recorded when creating his Account, and that VEPSI has collected in the context of the use of the Services;

Intellectual Property Rights: refers to trademarks, domain names, copyrights, copyrights, designs, patents, database rights or any other intellectual property rights of VEPSI;

Item: refers to any item offered for sale on the Site by VEPSI;

Seller: refers to any seller offering its Items through the Site;

Services: refers to all services accessible online from the Site, namely Open Access Services as well as Specific Services;

Open Access Services: refers to the services available to any User of the Site, whether or not they have an Account, listed in Article 3.1 hereof;

Specific Services: refers to services accessible exclusively by Users holding an Account, listed in Article 3.2 hereof.

Site: all Content and Services offered by VEPSI on the website accessible at www.vepsi.shop ;

User: refers to any Internet user, natural or legal person, having access to the Site;

VEPSI: refers to VEPSI simplified joint stock company with a capital of €5,000 represented by Mme Eilean Von Lautz-Cauzanet, its President.

VEPSI SAS - 197 rue de crimée - 75019 Paris - France - team@vepsi.fr - +33663412391 
Registered Nr.: 848 736 617 R.C.S Paris
VAT Nr.: FR21 848736617
Siret: 84873661700012


These T&Cs constitute a contract between VEPSI and any User. Access to and use of the Site and Services are subject to the User's acceptance of these T&Cs.

The T&Cs are available to Users on the Site where they can be directly consulted at any time, and can also be communicated on request.

By accessing and/or using the Site and Services, the User shall be deemed to have read these T&Cs and all the information listed in article L221-5 of the French Consumer Code communicated to him/her prior to the placing of the order and the finalising of the contract in a clear and understandable manner, to have fully understood them and to have fully accepted all their provisions without restriction or reservation.

The T&Cs are enforceable against the User who acknowledges, having ticked the box provided for this purpose, having read and accepted them before placing the order.

Confirming the order constitutes the User complying with the T&Cs applicable on the day of the order, which can be kept and reproduced in accordance with article 1127-1 of the French Civil Code.

In the event that one of the clauses of these T&Cs is invalid due to a change in legislation or regulations or declared as such by a final court decision, this shall in no way affect the validity and compliance with the other clauses of the T&Cs.


3.1 VEPSI’s role

VEPSI serves as a platform to support ethical and sustainable designers and businesses, both emerging and established: a place to discover unique ethical brands from around the world that can potentially have their own store and are looking to diversify their sales options. VEPSI reserves the right to accept and remove Sellers who do not fall within this framework at any time. VEPSI only selects Sellers whose Items meet its values and commitments (accessible here) and allow them to offer their Items for sale directly on the Site in return for the payment of a commission that is not charged to the User.

3.2 Open Access Services

The Open Access Services listed below are accessible online on the Site to any User, whether or not he or she holds an Account:

  • Catalogue of Items offered by VEPSI ;

  • Presentation of the Sellers and VEPSI;

  • Various editorial content such as presentation sheets, articles, computer graphics, blogs, etc.

  • Video content

3.3 Specific Services

By accessing his Account, the User has, in addition, a personal, secure and free access to the Specific Services listed below:

  • Account and Personal Data Administration;

  • Item Orders;

  • Space dedicated to the follow-up of orders of Items from VEPSI;

  • Communication interface with VEPSI;

  • Exercise of the Right of withdrawal and returns.


4.1 Creating an Account

Access to the Specific Services as listed in Article 3.2 hereof requires the User to create an Account.

The creation of the Account implies that the User has a valid e-mail address. Once on the Site, the User is invited to create an Account by clicking on the corresponding tab, then entering the requested information in the collection form provided for this purpose. In particular, at least the User's surname, first name(s) and e-mail address are collected. The User will also be prompted to enter a login ID and password.

When the User logs in again after logging out, he/she will need to enter his/her username and password to log in to his/her Account and have access to the Specific Services.

By transmitting his e-mail address to VEPSI, the User acknowledges and accepts that VEPSI reserves the right to send e-mails to the User in order, in particular, to keep him informed of any changes, modifications and/or additions made to the Site and Services. The User may exercise his right to object to the use of his e-mail address at any time.

The User undertakes to provide and maintain accurate, up-to-date and complete information concerning him/her. As such, the User may modify this information at any time in the "My Account" tab.

Once registered, the User may use the Specific Services under the terms and conditions provided for in these T&Cs.

The User may at any time request that his Account be deleted. Any request to delete an Account is final and irreversible. The User who wishes to access the Specific Services again must repeat the registration procedure and create a new Account.

4.2 Confidentiality, use of the Account and data storage

The information and data entered on the Account are strictly personal and confidential. The User undertakes to keep his identification details (username and password in particular) secret and not to disclose them, for any reason whatsoever, in any way and in any form whatsoever, to third parties. If his identification details are lost or stolen, the User must inform VEPSI without delay, which will then immediately cancel and/or update the Account details.

In no event shall VEPSI be liable for the loss or theft of Account identification elements or their fraudulent use. The User is solely responsible for the use of his Account by third parties and for any actions or declarations made through it, whether fraudulent or not. The User guarantees VEPSI against any request in this respect.

In accordance with article L134-2 of the Consumer Code, VEPSI ensures the conservation of documents relating to orders placed by the User, who may at any time request their communication. Messages received electronically, and more generally electronic documents exchanged between the User and VEPSI, will have the same value as that given to the originals. The Parties shall keep electronic documents in such a way that they can constitute faithful and durable copies within the meaning of Article 1348 of the Civil Code. The confirmation of payment of orders by the User on the Site is equivalent to the User's electronic signature and proof of the order.

4.3 Minimal requirements

Access to the Site and Services requires that the User has a computer and/or smartphone, an Internet connection and a web browser. All costs relating to access to the Site and its use, whether hardware, software or Internet access costs, are the sole responsibility of the User. The User is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his computer equipment and his access to the Internet.

4.4 Site Accessibility

The Site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, subject to the occurrence of a case of force majeure or an event beyond the control of VEPSI and except interruption, suspension or limitation as part of maintenance operations and/or updates necessary for the proper functioning of the Site and/or Services or for any other reason, including technical.

VEPSI is only bound by an obligation of means regarding the accessibility, operation and/or availability of the Site and Services. VEPSI reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or limit access to all or part of the Site and Services, in particular due to legal or technical constraints.

The User expressly acknowledges that the aforementioned interruptions, suspensions or limitations may occur at any time, without prior notice, and that they shall not entitle the User to any obligation or compensation.


5.1 Items

The Items offered for sale on the Site are described as precisely as possible by VEPSI and by the Sellers, which are solely responsible for the information provided on their Items. Despite the best efforts made to ensure the photographic representation of the Items on the Site, given the digital presentation of the Items on a website, it is possible that the User's perception of the photographic representation of the Items does not correspond exactly to the Item itself.

Given the artisanal nature of the Items and the stages involved in manufacturing them by hand, some variations may exist between the description of the Item and the Item itself, particularly concerning the dimensions provided and certain colours that may vary, particularly for Items composed of natural materials such as wood.

The seller therefore cannot guarantee an exact likeness between the description of the Item and the Item itself. If any errors or omissions may have occurred regarding this presentation, the seller cannot be held liable.

The Items comply with the regulations of the French law in force at the time they are put on the market.

The Items are classified by default according to objective characteristics that can be selected and filtered by the User when browsing the Site, such as the nature of the Item, type, brand, size, availability, date added, notices, number of sales, color, price, etc.

5.2 Stock Availability and Conditions

The availability of the Items is displayed in real time on the page concerning each Item.

However, it may happen that an Item is unavailable despite the best efforts of VEPSI  and the Sellers.

In the event of unavailability of an Item after payment of the order, the User will be informed by email of the cancellation of his order as soon as possible, giving the right to a refund of all or part of the order within a maximum period of twenty-eight (28) days from receipt of the email notifying the unavailability of the Item.

The refund will be made according to the payment methods used by the User at the time of purchase.

5.3 Ordering conditions

Orders are placed exclusively on the Site. The User also guarantees that he/she is fully entitled to use the payment card for the payment of his/her order.

The User will be asked to choose the delivery method of the Item(s) according to the options offered by VEPSI before validating the order.

To place an order, the User must select one or more Items and place them in his "Cart". Each order is validated by a two-step system:

First, the User must finalize the choice of his Items by validating his Cart. At this stage, the User is invited to check the details of his Cart and can still modify its content.

In a second step, the User validates his order definitively, accepts VEPSI’s T&Cs.

Orders must be paid immediately, no discount is provided. The order will only be final after payment of the order.

Any paid order will result in an email being sent to the User's email address confirming that VEPSI has registered the order and that it has been sent to the Seller(s) if applicable.

The prices of the Items are expressed in euros and take into account the VAT in force on the day of the order. Prices may be modified at any time by the Sellers or by VEPSI, but the Items will be invoiced on the basis of the prices in force indicated at the time the order is placed.

5.4 Online payment method

Orders are paid directly on the Site, via the online payment tool INGENICO service provider, holder of a European licence to establish electronic money, which collects the price on behalf of VEPSI, and is thus the sole manager of electronic payment flows, without VEPSI having access to the User's bank details when making the payment.

The payment of the order price is made by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard). In the event of refusal of payment by INGENICO or the User's bank, the order will not be validated. If you choose to pay with a credit card, the money is instantly withdrawn from your account upon confirmation of the payment.

The Items remain the property of the Sellers or VEPSI until the full price of the order has been received.

In some cases, particularly non-payment, a wrong address or other problem on the User’s behalf, the seller reserves the right to freeze the order until the problem is resolved.

Providing the User’s credit card number online and the final validation of the order will constitute proof of the User’s agreement and will constitute:
— requirement to pay the amount due in accordance with the order form,
— signature and express agreement to all operations carried out.

In the event of fraudulent use of his/her credit card, the User is asked to, as soon as the fraudulent use is detected, contact VEPSI by email via the following address: info@vepsi.shop

5.5 Prices

The selling prices are indicated in euros all taxes included. They take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order and any change in the rate applicable to VAT will automatically be reflected in the price of the Items. Prices do not include delivery charges, transport and any shipping costs charged extra. The additional costs are added on the summary page before final confirmation of the order and are mentioned on the order confirmation page.

The retail prices given in euros exclude any possible customs charges or any other fiscal or parafiscal taxes payable according to the legislature of the country of delivery, which remain payable by the User.

The User is asked to gather information from the relevant service in the country of delivery for the goods before confirming his/her order.

If one or more taxes or contributions, particularly environmental, were to be created or modified, whether increased or decreased, this change may affect the retail price of products.

The Seller reserves the right to modify his/her prices at any time, but agrees to apply the prices provided when the order was placed, subject to the Item’s availability at that date.

5.6 Non-payment and retention of ownership

Any amount unpaid by the due date bears, without formal notice, interest at the legal rate.

The Seller remains the owner of the Items sold until the price has been paid in full. If delivery has already taken place, the buyer agrees, until ownership has been transferred to him/her, to take all relevant measures towards conserving the Items properly and to return to the seller any Item not fully paid for, upon the seller’s request. In which case all expenses will be paid by the buyer.

5.7 Delivery

The Items of the Sellers are delivered either directly by them or their service providers without the intervention of VEPSI, or by VEPSI if the Seller has opted for a consignment plan. The Items are delivered by the Sellers or VEPSI to the address indicated by the User when placing the order, according to the terms and conditions provided for in the general terms and conditions of sale of the Sellers and on the sheet of each Item on the Site.

The Items sold by VEPSI are delivered according to the terms and conditions set out in its general terms and conditions of sale.

The Items delivered by VEPSI are shipped within a week interval once a week for environmental purposes.

The User is responsible for the accuracy of the data he provides concerning the delivery address and personal information (including telephone number) for each delivery.

VEPSI and the Seller may not be held liable in the event of an impossibility of delivery of the Items due to an inaccuracy or inaccuracy of the delivery address provided by the User. Except in the event of force majeure or during times when the online store is closed which will be clearly announced on the site’s homepage, the Seller agrees to respect the delivery times given on the Website for each Item.

The delivery time is between 3 to 5 days for shipping within the EU and 7 to 15 days for International shipping (outside Europe).
PLEASE NOTE: the maximum delivery time is fixed at 30 days after the contract is finalised in accordance with article L216-1 of the French Consumer Code.Please contact us via info@vepsi.shop  if you haven’t received your order past this period.

In the event that delivery of the Item is delayed, the User can, after having unsuccessfully given the Seller formal notice to fulfil his/her obligation to deliver within a reasonable additional period, terminate the contract by registered post. The Seller cannot be held liable. As a consequence, the User cannot claim damages of any kind.

The contract is considered terminated when the Seller receives a letter informing him/her of the termination, unless the Seller has complied in the meantime.

Complete lack of delivery will bring about the termination of the sales contract by operation of law.
The standard delivery costs 6€ anywhere in Europe. Shipping costs are offered for orders from 200€ and above. However if you wish to be delivered outside Europe, shipping fees will be 18€ for orders weighing less than or equal to 1kg and 30€ for orders weighing more than 1kg.

Ownership of the Item is transferred to the User from the date of delivery, except in the event that the complete payment of the price has not been received by the Seller.


In accordance with the provisions of the French Consumer Code, the buyer has 14 working days from the date of receipt of the Item by the User or a third party designated by the User, other than the carrier, to withdraw.

If several goods have been ordered by the User and have been delivered separately, the withdrawal period expires 14 days after the date of receipt of the last Item by the User or a third party designated by the User, other than the carrier.

The Item should be returned as soon as possible and at the latest 14 days after the User has informed VEPSI of his/her decision to withdraw. This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty, it being understood that the return costs are at the buyer expense.

To inform VEPSI of withdrawal the User must fill in this form stating his name, address, order number and reason for the return. VEPSI will then contact the User with further instructions. All returns must be made to the Seller.

Only Items in perfect condition for resale, sent back in their entirety, in their full and intact original packaging will be taken back. Any Item that may have been damaged, worn, used or washed, or has its original packaging that has been damaged, will not be reimbursed or exchanged.

After receiving the returned goods, VEPSI will reimburse the User as soon as possible and at the latest 28 days after the day VEPSI was informed of the User’s decision to withdraw.

The User will be reimbursed by a credit to his/her bank account.

All the Items provided by the Seller benefit from the legal warranty of conformity provided for by articles L217-4 to L217-14 of the French Consumer Code and the hidden defects legal warranties provided for in articles 1641 to 1649 of the French Civil Code.

These warranties do not cover damage, breakages or malfunctions resulting from the User’s failure to respect the instructions for use.

To exercise his right of retraction, or to benefit from the legal guarantees of conformity, with regard to defective Items and hidden defects, as prescribed by French law, the User must contact us directly via team@vepsi.fr


The Items sold by VEPSI apply general terms and conditions of sale to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions relating to the selected Item.

Any circumstances independent of the will of the parties preventing the execution under normal conditions of their obligations are considered to be causes for exemption from the obligations of the parties and results in their suspension.

The party who invokes the circumstances mentioned above must immediately inform the other party of their occurrence, as well as their disappearance.

Shall be considered as force majeure are all facts or circumstances which are unstoppable, external to the parties, unforeseeable, independent of the parties’ wishes and which cannot be prevented by the parties, despite all possible reasonable efforts. Are expressly considered events of force majeure or unforeseen events, in addition to those usually accepted by the jurisprudence of French courts and tribunals: obstruction of means of transport or supply, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning, stoppage of telecommunication networks or difficulties specific to telecommunication networks beyond the customer’s control.

The parties will come together to examine the repercussions of the event and agree to the conditions under which the execution of the contract will proceed. If the duration of the force majeure event lasts longer than three months, these T&Cs may be terminated by the wronged party.


The information published on the Site is provided by VEPSI on a strictly and exclusively informative and indicative basis. VEPSI makes its best efforts to keep the Site, and the Services up to date and to disseminate reliable, legal and validated information. However, despite all the care and attention given to the selection of sources and the drafting of content and information, VEPSI cannot guarantee the integrity, accuracy, exhaustiveness, timeliness or other quality of the information provided.

The photographs and illustrations accompanying the Items on the Site have no contractual value and therefore do not engage VEPSI’s liability. The delivery and quality of the Items offered by the Sellers are the exclusive responsibility of the Sellers.

VEPSI cannot be held liable in the event of a dispute concerning the information provided by the Sellers on the Site (texts, images, photos, brands, logos, etc.), as long as VEPSI is not notified of any illegal content made available on the Site.

The Site and Services are made available "as is" and subject to their availability, without any warranty of any kind, implicit or explicit, on the part of VEPSI. Without limiting the foregoing, VEPSI does not grant any guarantee that the rights of a third party will not be violated, that they are fit for a particular purpose or that they meet the needs of the User, the Site and/or the Services, nor does it guarantee that they are free of anomalies, errors or bugs or that they will operate without failure or interruption.

The User is the only guarantor of the proper use, with discernment and spirit, of the Services made available to him/her on the Site. VEPSI cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequences that may result from the use, consultation and/or interpretation of the Content by the User.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, VEPSI expressly excludes its liability for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from or in connection with access to the Site, and the Services, their use, malfunction or unavailability, regardless of their nature and duration.

In the event of the User's breach of these T&Cs, or more generally in the event of a breach of the laws and regulations in force, VEPSI reserves the right to suspend and/or block temporarily or permanently, or to terminate automatically, without prior notice, the User's access to the Site and Services and without prejudice to any recourse that may be available against the User. The User thus acknowledges VEPSI’s right to restrict, under the aforementioned conditions, its right of access and/or use to all or part of the Site and Services, or even to delete its Account, if applicable, with immediate effect and prohibition of subsequent access to the Site and Services.

In addition, the Site may contain hypertext links to third party websites that are not governed by these T&Cs. VEPSI has no control over the content of third party websites referenced by hypertext links. These websites are published by third parties independent of VEPSI. VEPSI cannot therefore assume any responsibility for the content, advertising, products, services or any other information or data available on or from these sites. Consequently, the User acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for access to and use of these sites. VEPSI shall not be liable for any proven or alleged damage or loss resulting from or in connection with the use of or reliance on the content, goods or services available on these sites.


All information exchanged between VEPSI and the User as of the acceptance of these T&Cs is considered confidential (hereinafter referred to as "Confidential Information").

VEPSI and the User undertake to protect the Confidential Information and not to disclose it to third parties without the prior written consent of the other party, except as required by law or by any competent judicial or administrative authority. VEPSI and the User undertake to forward them only to their staff members who have been informed of the confidential nature of this information.

However, Confidential Information is used in connection with the Services provided by VEPSI, which may involve transmitting such Confidential Information to Sellers involved in the operation of the Specific Services.


The personal information provided by the User is required for processing the order and issuing invoices. It can only be communicated to partners of the Seller who deal with the execution, processing, management and payment of orders.

The handling of information communicated via the Website www.vepsi.shop was the subject of a declaration made to the CNIL.

The User has the permanent right to access and the right to modify, rectify and oppose information pertaining to him/her. This right can be exercised under the conditions and according to the terms defined in the Website Privacy Policy.


The Site, its general structure and contents, the Services, as well as the Content, are protected by intellectual property rights (including in particular all copyrights, patent rights, trademarks, designs, models, databases, domain names and any other existing or future national and/or international intellectual property rights) and are the exclusive property of VEPSI. The use of the Site and Services does not in any way confer on the User any ownership or intellectual property rights in the Site, Services and/or Content. VEPSI does not assign or grant any rights to the Site, Services and/or Content to the User, with the exception of a limited, free and non-exclusive personal right to access and use the Site, Services and/or Content.

It is strictly forbidden to represent, reproduce and/or exploit the Site, Services and/or Content, in whole or in part, in any form and by any means whatsoever, without the prior written consent of VEPSI. The User undertakes not to use the Site, Services and/or Content, other than within the limits authorised by these T&Cs.

The User further undertakes not to perform one or more of the following acts, nor to allow a third party or authorize a third party to perform one or more of the following acts: (i) copy, modify, assemble, alter, sell, rent, lease, loan, distribute, distribute or transfer the Site and/or Services, (ii) disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the source code of the components of the Site and/or Services, (iii) extract and/or reuse, in any manner whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, the Content in the database available on the Site, (iv), without VEPSI’s prior written consent.

The VEPSI logo on the Site is a registered trademark and is owned by VEPSI. Any representation, reproduction and/or exploitation, in whole or in part, of this logo, of any nature whatsoever, is totally prohibited.

Violation of the foregoing provisions would expose the offender and any person liable to criminal and civil penalties provided by law, including damages for infringement of intellectual property rights.

All distinctive signs, trademarks and logos that do not belong to VEPSI and that appear on the Site are the property of their respective owners who may or may not be affiliated or linked to VEPSI.


These T&Cs are governed exclusively by French law.

In the event of a dispute concerning an Item, the User shall, prior to any dispute, contact the seller concerned in order to find an amicable solution.

To the extent permitted by law, disputes relating to the performance, termination or interpretation of these T&Cs or their consequences shall be brought before the competent courts, after the failure of an attempt to resolve the dispute amicably with VEPSI or the Seller concerned.


The failure of either party to exercise, at any given time, any of the provisions of these T&Cs shall not be construed in the future as a waiver of its rights hereunder.


In accordance with ruling nº2015-1033 of 20 August 2015 relating to extrajudicial settlements of consumer disputes which came into force on January 1st 2016, the consumer has the right to use arbitration to resolve his/her dispute by mutual consent with the professional Seller.

In the event of a dispute, a prior complaint is necessary. The User must contact VEPSI as soon as possible at the following email address: info@vepsi.shop

If the complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily or if there is no response from the Seller within two months, the consumer can submit his/her dispute with the Seller to an arbitrator who will attempt, with complete independence and impartially, to bring the parties together with a view to reaching an amicable solution.


For any information, you can contact VEPSI by post at the following address:

197 rue de Crimée
75019 PARIS

Or by email to the following address: team@vepsi.fr


French Consumer Code:

Article L217-4: The seller delivers goods that comply with the contract and is liable for any lack of compliance that exists at the time of delivery.

The seller is also liable for any lack of compliance resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when this has been placed under his/her responsibility by the contract or has been carried out under his/her responsibility.

Article L217-5: The goods comply with the contract:

1. If it is suitable for the usual expected use of a similar good and, if applicable:

- if it corresponds to the description given by the seller and possesses the qualities that the seller has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model;

- if it presents the qualities that a buyer may legitimately expect in view of the public declarations made by the seller, by the manufacturer or by his/her representative, particularly in advertising or labeling;

2. Or if it presents characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or is suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, made known to the seller and which the seller has accepted.

Article L217-12: Action resulting from the lack of compliance lapses after two years from the date of delivery of the goods.

French Civil Code:

Article 1127-1: A person who, in a business or professional capacity, makes a proposal by electronic means for the supply of property or services, must make available the applicable contractual stipulations in a way which permits their storage and reproduction.

A person issuing an offer remains bound by it as long as it is made accessible by him by electronic means.

An offer must set out in addition:

  1. The different steps that must be followed to conclude the contract by electronic means;

  2. The technical means by which the person to whom the offer is addressed, before the conclusion of the contract, may identify any errors in the data entry, and correct them;

  3. The languages offered for the conclusion of the contract, which must include the French language;

  4. Where appropriate, the ways in which the party issuing the offer is to file it, and the conditions for access to the filed contract;

  5. The means of consulting electronically any business, professional or commercial rules to which the party issuing the offer intends (as the case may be) to be bound.

Article 1641: The Seller is bound to a warranty against hidden defects in the thing sold that render it unfit for its intended use, or that so impair its use that the buyer would not have bought it, or would only have given a lesser price for it if he/she had known of the defects.

Article 1648: An action resulting from redhibitory defects must be brought by the buyer within two years from the discovery of the vice.

In the case provided for in article 1642-1, the buyer must bring the action, under pain of being barred, within the year which follows the date on which the seller can be discharged from apparent vices or wants of conformity.

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